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Creating and having campaigns on native networks is not complicated and is within everyone’s reach. The problem for most of the companies I work for is that they don’t get the expected CPA and the desired volume.

This is where our expertise comes in, each platform has more or less these tricks to be able to take full advantage of them. There are several key points to focus on to get the desired performance.


Tracking is one of the most technical and important points of a native campaign, with the algos now we are obliged to send as much data as possible to get the best of it.

See the % of traffic bot for each publishers

See the % of checkout and add to cart by publishers

Redirect the traffic bot or competitors to a safe page

Make sure that as many events as possible are sent

Landers A/B testing

Tunnel creation is an important and sometimes special step for native networks, the sales tunnels you normally use on other sources may not be adapted to this type of traffic and therefore requires a creation and A/B testing process.

Analysis of the competition and what is running

Brainstorm of possible angles

Creation of optimized landing pages

A/B test via heatmap/sessions tools and optimization


The more time goes by, the more impossible it is not to work completely with the algo of the traffic sources, sending as much data as possible, different learning phases and tricks to know make the experience of these platforms a considerable advantage

Know and respect the different phases of a campaign

Know which conversion modes are best suited to your product

Segment and feed the algo according to the results

Use different tricks to increase traffic volume


The creation of audiences according to their position in your sales tunnel allows you to create optimized retargeting campaigns adapted to each of your visitors, thus obtaining very good CPA.

Creation of audiences linked to the stage in the tunnel

Creation of retargeting campaigns according to the stage of the visitor

Analysis of interests and their performance and creation of audiences

Creation of LLA audiences and campaigns targeting them

Monthly Plans

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level ONE

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Analysis of your product, its competitors and the market

Management of the exchanges at compliance level with traffic sources

Installation and implementation of the tracking system

Creation and management of landing pages

Daily optimization of your campaigns

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